Everyone Is Trans

In this talk, Ian leads us through a provocative exercise, exposing deeply interconnected vulnerabilities around our self-conceptions of gender as they relate to our sexuality. We all have things we would change about ourselves if we could, don’t we? And many of those things correspond to desires to feel more feminine or masculine, don’t they? What happens when we allow ourselves to really see the motivations behind such desires? Ian invites us into a mental/emotional space that has the capacity to reveal, surprise, comfort, and unite.

Our separateness is an illusion. ‪#‎everyoneistran #‎canyoufeelthem‬

Direct link: https://www.tedxdirigo.com/talks/everyone-is-trans/

Special thanks to Adam Burke, organizer of TEDxDirigo and Tim Ferrell, TEDx Coach.

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Getting Transparent

This past summer I had the insane blessing of getting to be part of a revolution. I was cast on the new, critically acclaimed, Jill Soloway TV series, TRANSPARENT on Amazon Prime. I am so proud to be part of this herstory making, this loving TV family, this art making, this truth telling, this exquisite storytelling about family.

Beloved American actor, Jeffrey Tambor plays Mort, a 68 year old father of 3 who is transitioning to Maura. When Maura reveals her secret to her family, everyone begins a journey of their own, many unraveling their own secrets. Spoiler alert, Jeffrey Tambor will snatch every single award there is in the industry next year for his role in Transparent.

ian on transparent smallIf you have not seen or heard of this series.. what the eff are you waiting for?! Do not starve yourself of this spiritual feeding one moment longer.

Wondering how on earth does this whole Amazon thing works? The way you stream Netflix to your TV is the same way you stream Amazon Prime. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial and when your done watching Transparent, you can cancel it.

I’m so stinking grateful that I get to be part of this movement, this inclusive, gorgeous, art movement. Thank you Jill for believing I could do it before I did and letting me be a constellation. Thank you every single person involved with this beautiful project.

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