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Young & Grateful

When I am grateful, I begin counting things I’m grateful for and before I’m done counting that first thing, another thing I’m grateful for comes to mind, then another, and another. Kind of like when we cry, we think we’re crying for one thing but then all these other reasons to cry come flooding forward.. […]


As a comic there are festivals and clubs that I’ve always wanted to perform in/at and when I’ve gotten to do them, I consider kind of milestones in my standup career. Some of them are small, while others seem utterly unattainable. Its hard to navigate through the entertainment business sometimes and understand how to get […]

The Man From Beaver Pond

PROVINCETOWN MAGAZINE October 2012 “When I walked in Margaret came up to me and said, ‘You’re doing five minutes tonight’,” says Harvie. “I was like ‘Oh, f**k!’ I’ve only actually sh** my pants once in my adult life, and I came really close this time.” By Harvie’s own admission, he wasn’t that good that night. […]

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