Trans IS A Legitimate Gender

I was inspired to post this blog because of several messages I’ve received over the last couple years via email, MySpace, YouTube and even in articles that have been written regarding the following subject. I’ve wanted to write about it before and just haven’t made the time. Right now I’m in Birmingham, AL waiting to do a show – so I got some time.

Some folks who keep up with this page may also know that I have a YouTube account with video segments from my comedy talk show. A while back I posted a video of an interview with my friend, Margaret (Cho). In that particular segment she outed herself as being a ‘Tranny Catcher’, not a ‘Tranny Chaser’. To understand the entire context of this conversation you can watch the video here:

After I received a handfull of messages about this segment, from GLBTQA community members, sharing their interpretations of what her remarks meant; I was inspired to speak out. My response is generally directed toward those people out there who may have found her remarks politically incorrect.

If you believe Transgender IS a legitimate gender, how can you argue that it’s wrong to eroticize Trans people? If you do not see Trans as a legitimate gender, then what’s wrong with you?!

I’m Trans, I’m Butch, and identify as a Trans man, regardless of my given biological sex. I absolutely believe it’s okay to be attracted to, exoticize, fetishsize, and eroticize any and all Trans people.

Afterall, a fetish is something that we desire or that turns us on. Maybe that can be translated intellectually or sexually – perhaps one leads to another. That ‘something’ that turns you on, could even be ‘somone’ and their gender expression. There are so many things to be hot for in this awesome time of gender revolution, so why not Trans?

If people are attracted to women, men, butches, femmes, female bodies, male bodies, gender queers, feminity or masculinity, third sexes, intersexes, and the fucking list goes on.. then I think that it IS completely reasonable to be attracted to AND fetishsize Trans people too.

It’s unfortunate to me that people get angry when Trans people are found hot in any and all contexts. It is just as legitimate as any other gender out there. I don’t understand it. Trans people SHOULD be found beautiful, people should want to fuck us, love us, accept us, and eroticize us. I think Margaret’s right, we do need a little more love and acceptance than the rest of the GLBTQA community.

I think Margaret is also right when she says that Trans people ARE often the most visible part of the GLBTQA community, but the least heard. I’d like to add to that by saying: Yes, and Trans people are also the most (intentionally) forgotten portion of the community as well.

Just ask the HRC – with their whole backroom manuever lead by Barney Frank to remove Trans people from ENDA’s legislation text. That whole fiasco still continues and HRC’s attitude of: “ohh, we’ll come back for you later with your civil rights, just let us take care of ours first”.

Maybe a little bit of an off-the-path rant here but bare with me. I’m still fucking ripped about the whole ENDA thing.

You know what it’s like? It’s like you’re on a roadtrip in a car full of GLBTQA friends. You’re having a good time, laughing, eating Cheetos, drinking Red Bull, singing to the radio, and all of a sudden the car breaks down in the middle of deeeeeep Mississippi on some country road. Everyone in the car gets out offering to walk to the nearest filling station, while convincing YOU, the T in the GLBTQA, to wait with the car while they all go look for help. Leaving the Tranny alone with the car, cuz that’s fucking safe. “Don’t worry, we’ll be back.” Why can’t the T just go with?

That said, WHAT THE FUCK? Has Barney Frank and the HRC completely forgotten that it was the HOTTT Trannies and BEAUTIFUL Drag Queens at Stonewall who threw the first punches? So yes, it’s true, Trans people are the least heard voice of the community or should I say ‘listened to’, the most often intentionally forgotten, and in the MOST need of ENDA’s protections.

Sigh.. back to the original premise.

I think Margaret’s insights were poingnant, and as usual, she’s way ahead of her time with her ideas about love and politics. She’s right, Trans people ARE a legitimate gender to be attracted to. They deserve to be found HOT like any other gender, and EXOTICIZED like any other gender, and LOVED like any other gender; and PROTECTED like any other gender.

I hope everyone will think more about this.

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